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Family Homes Funds

What Family Homes Funds is all about

The Family Homes Fund Limited is one of such new initiatives of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The Fund is a partnership between the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority as founding shareholders.

The Fund will be the largest affordable housing-focused fund in Sub-Sahara Africa leveraging its significant capital (in excess of N1trn by 2023) to facilitate access to affordable housing for millions of Nigerians on low to medium income groups.

Through strategic partnerships with various players in the sector and some of the world’s main Development Finance Institutions, the Fund has an ambitious commitment to facilitate and supply 500,000 homes by 2023.

However, leveraging its capital to support the supply of new homes for families on low to medium income is only a means to an end. The key priority for the Fund is to take advantage of the opportunity a large scale house building programme offers to create jobs which are sustainable and offer families security, improved quality of life and hope.

With a projected cumulative expenditure of up to N1trillion by 2023 into various inputs into house building process including doors, windows, tiles, roofing materials, blocks, paving stones, paint and others, there is opportunity to incubate large numbers of small scale industries that will create significant employment for Nigerians.

The Family Homes Fund Ltd will be by three priorities such as Policy, Partnerships and People.


The Fund aims to support ongoing dialogue around the development of a local content framework for inputs into the house building process. A long-term objective is to ensure that up to 80 percent of manufactured inputs are locally produced.


Much more can be achieved collectively than with a single player. The Fund aims to build strong partnerships with institutions and agencies to maximise this opportunity. The Fund will work with existing and new partners in the building industry, offering where appropriate, guaranteed purchase commitments thus enabling critical access to capital for investment.


Through the investments we make, the Fund will equip a new generation of young Nigerians with high-level skills in modern methods of construction and technologies.

Through a combination of these activities, the Family Homes Fund aims to create or support up to 1,500,000 jobs by 2023 making a real difference to the quality of life of their families and the economy.

Jedo Mega City Estate- Ushafa

Proximity: Along Dutse Alhaji- Bwari Express Way & approximately 20mins drive to the city centre











One Bedroom Flat 3,800,000.00 380,000.00 3,420,000.00
2 Two Bedroom Flat 5,350,000.00 535,000.00 4,815,000.00
3 Three Bedroom Flat 7,750,000.00 775,000.00 6,975,000.00
4 Four Bedroom Duplex 35,000,000.00 20,000,000.00 15,000,000.00

Jedo Mega City Estate- Ushafa: HOUSE TYPE (One Bedroom), No. of Units Per Block- 8 Units

Selling Price Per Unit= NGN3,800,000.00

Jedo Mega City Estate- Ushafa : HOUSE TYPE (Two Bedroom) , No. of Units Per Block- 6 Units

Selling Price Per Unit= NGN5,350,000.00

Jedo Mega City Estate- Ushafa: HOUSE TYPE (Three Bedroom), No. of Units Per Block- 6 Units

Selling Price Per Unit= NGN7,750,000.00

Jedo Mega City Estate- Ushafa : HOUSE TYPE (Four Bedroom Duplex), No. of Units Per Block- 1 Unit

Selling Price Per Unit= NGN35,000,000.00 (Site and Service option also available at the cost of NGN6,000,000.00 per unit.)

How to apply for Family Homes Funds

  • Purchase the Expression of interest form indicating the type of house interested. N5,000.00
  • Submission of documentary requirements for Loan appraisal. These include Payslip, Evidence of Years of Service etc.
  • Payment of Persoal Stake/ Equity Contribution to qualify for an allocation.
  • Processing of Mortgage Loan for balance payment to facilitate the handover of house.

Jedo Mega City Estate Ushafa, Bwari-Abuja. Work in Progress